MONSTER Aquarium Tank in German Zoo by George Farmer

MONSTER Planted Aquascape in German Zoo by George Farmer

In this blog, I am talking about a monster-size aquarium tank designed by George Farmer. He is one of my favorite aquarium hobbyists when it comes to design an aquarium tank because he explains it so well that it becomes easy for beginners as well. His work and knowledge-sharing style is amazing and keeps the viewer stick to their seat. Recently I got an opportunity to spend some time watching his YouTube videos and came across this project.

About The Video:

In this video, he has shared tremendous information about the fish and the plants used in the aquarium tank. Below I am sharing the details taken from his YouTube channel. Need not to say, all credit to him and his team for this blog. I have written here out of my natural instinct as an aquarium hobbyist. This is not paid or promoted blog, I am writing coz I just loved this big project.

In the youtube video, he showed details about the plants used like names, native locations, and few other details. He has used fish native to south-east Asia. I must say that you will thank me for referring to this video because of the beauty of the tank if you haven’t come across it so far. Amazing video! gives great relief and mental peace. George mentioned that both artificial and real driftwoods have been used in the aquascape to give it a more natural look and environment to the livestock. The complete aquarium background and decoration were done with great dedication and zeal, one can always feel it while watching every frame of the video.

About The Aquarium Tank:

The is an epic 28000 liters / 7500 gallon planted aquarium tank and undoubtedly the biggest in Germany because of the size of the tank. The aquascape was created by a team from Dennerle and Hagenbeck Tropen Aquarium, and George Farmer. The length of the video is not too long and it is only with a runtime of 26minutes and 56 seconds including few youtube advertisements. YouTube always gives you the facility to skip advertisements.

In the video, George explains every part of the aquarium with all the details like plants, stones, substrates, and other aquascapes used. He also shared his favorite corner that he planted personally 🙂 . I haven’t written much about this video here as I want you to personally watch it and enjoy frame by frame. So just go ahead and watch the YouTube video here.

Aquarium Fish Used:

  1. Pearl danio – Brachydanio albonieatus
  2. Bumblebee goby – Brachygobius xanthazona
  3. Leapord danio – Danio tinwini
  4. Cherry barb – Puntius titteya
  5. Espei harlequin – Trigonostigma espei
  6. Striped panchax – Aplocheilus lineatus
  7. Zebra loach – Botia striata
  8. Amano shrimp – Caridina multidentata
  9. Emerald dwarf rasbora – Microrasbora erythromicron

Plants Used in The Aquarium Tank:

  1. Schismatoglottis prietoi
  2. Microsrorum pteropus
  3. Microsorum pteropus ‘Trident’
  4. Microsorum pteropus ‘Petite’
  5. Bucephalandra sp.
  6. Bucephalandra sp. ‘Wavy Green’
  7. Bucephalandra sp. ‘Catherine’
  8. Cryptocoryne wendtii sp. ‘Compact’
  9. Cryptocoryne crispatula vat. balansae
  10. Pogostemon quadrafolius
  11. Lagenandra meeboldii ‘Red’
  12. Eleocharis acicularis
  13. Hygrophila pinnatifida

Below I am sharing few screenshots of the aquarium tank taken from the video:

Here I am giving a direct link to the youtube video if you wish to visit the YouTube channel or if you want to connect with me, click here.