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Posting on my website is very simple & is absolutely FREE.  Contact me through the given below form, so I know this is a genuine inquiry and I’ll reply you so you can send me the content to post.

Below are the guidelines to follow before you submit your post for review.

  1. Kindly submit a content of minimum 500 words about aquariums, aquatic plants, aquatic animals that you have seen in aquariums. Content should be well defined with Title, H2, H3, listicles, keyword ( bold) in first line and paragraphs. This is to make the content Google indexing friendly. Yes, you can put link to your website, store, channel, social profile ( like Insta id.).
  2. Content should be unique and freshly written. Please do not use copy pasted from other websites or word spin/ spin writer tools. Remember if you can try to get such content then I can easily find it through available online tools. Finally, Google will blacklist it and all our efforts will go wasted. Let’s work for the betterment of the hobby.
  3. Paste atleast 3 or more images. Images make content interesting & readers like them and also easily indexed by Google. Images should not be copied from other websites or stocked photographes. Basically, original images only that you took or made yourself.
  4. You can put power items like video, podcast, infographic, spreadsheet, etc.
  5. I always welcome suggestions so feel free to connect.